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How to Set Up a Cozy Reading Nook

Developing a reading culture is good practice as it nourishes the mind and is an ideal form of self-care for people of all ages.

Reading is relaxing to the mind and is a way to add value to oneself by continually gaining knowledge from diverse content in books. A dedicated reading nook helps to cultivate this culture, and you can easily set up one at the comfort of your home with items you probably already own.

These simple reading nook ideas from Tylko will help you achieve the perfect little reading area for you.

Choose a Quiet Spot in Your Home

There are two main aspects to consider when choosing where to set up a reading nook, proper lighting, and a place that is free from distraction. The idea is to have a conducive space for reading and hence, choose a place that is separate from noise, TV and frequent human traffic that may serve as a distraction. The ideal spot should have sufficient natural lighting, but in the absence of this, any well-lit area of your space will do. Corners are preferred since they are more intimate and you can dedicate yourself fully to reading compared to more open spaces where it is easier to get lost in thought, staring at random things around the room.

Choose Suitable Furniture

Pick an upright and comfortable chair that keeps you well-propped up while reading. Since this is a space that you may end up spending quite some time each day, investing in a good seat is vital. This may be a good chair from what you already have around the house, or you can purchase a better seat solely for this purpose. Rocking chairs are a good choice as they are comfortable and soothing and encourage readers to spend more time in their reading nook.

Accessorize with Purpose

Similar to other areas of the home, an aesthetically pleasing space will encourage individuals to spend more time in this space. A cozy reading nook should be beautiful, comfortable and functional. You can keep a small basket of warm blankets by your reading chair, which helps when it’s cold and also looks and feels sumptuous. Small soft pillows help prop up your back while reading while still improving the general feel of the space. Lastly, a simple bookshelf helps to organize the space while creating space to build up an ideal home library gradually.

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