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Here_s How You Choose a TV Stand For Your Home

A flat-screen TV should be showcased. It gathers spots in your living space and serves as a focal point. This is why you need a TV stand.

If you’re into movie nights, TV marathon shows, or you love keeping up with your soccer team, then a console is a welcome addition to your TV room. But you need to get the right piece. You need a TV stand of a perfect height and width to make you comfortable as you watch. Here is a guide to choosing the right TV stand for your home.

Compliment your room layout

You don’t have to sacrifice your TV if you’re working with an irregularly shaped living space. You should go for a swivel TV stand if your TV position doesn’t line up with your line of sight. A wall mount TV stand frees up space below and lets you move other items within the room freely. Also, a corner stand would help to fit a big screen within a compact space.

Choose the right material

Most TV stands are made of glass, wood, medium-density fiberboard, particleboard, and metal. Each of these materials works for different room furnishings and color shades. Metal, wood, and veneered plywood and durable materials, so a TV stand made of these materials will remain stable even when pets and children run by. Although glass TV stands come with metal supports, it would help to reserve them for low traffic rooms.

Select a perfect style

TV stands come in various styles and decorative elements from symmetrical shapes, staggered shelving to rounded bases. Don’t create confusion in your décor by mixing styles. Choose a TV stand that blends well with your other furnishings. Choose, light grey, white or pale neutral to make your room appear bright. A simple design featuring smooth geometric lines with open shelving captures the minimalist feel.

A floating stand

The latest interior design trends are moving towards mounting TVs directly on walls instead of using TV stands. However, you will notice that stands are often placed underneath for storage. This is where a floating stand comes in. A floating stand is wall-mounted and compliments your wall-mounted TV. Most of them are made of light-weight material and feature open shelving.

Buying a high-tech TV is one thing, and choosing the right stand is another. Keep it simple and match it with your existing style. Above all, look for a perfect spot to position your stand.

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