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The Perfect Breakfast Nook for Your Home

Create the perfect spot to start your day with a cozy breakfast nook. This is an ideal space that you can set up in your home, irrespective of the size of the space you have. Breakfast nooks are small, beautiful, and functional areas that will have you looking forward to each new day as it is a perfect space to eat from and plan your day. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Choose a Spot in Your Home

The ideal breakfast nook should be strategically located close to the kitchen for ease of serving your meals. If you haven’t already identified the most suitable space, look for a corner where two open walls meet, preferably away from other large pieces of furniture. Areas with access to natural lighting are best, as this helps make the space lively and gives you good energy to start your day. The space available will also determine what furniture is appropriate for your nook.


A breakfast nook differs from a full dining space in that it holds less furniture. Choose furniture pieces that will complement your space and allow enough seating for the residents of the home. The more minimalist your nook area is, the more striking it becomes. A simple idea is the use of benches for seating instead of individual chairs. Benches offer a unique style and are easily customizable to fit any space to perfection. The breakfast table should also be proportional to the nook space, as you do not want a huge piece that will exaggerate the area.

Decor Items

You want to make sure your breakfast nook is aesthetically appealing and makes it stand out from the rest of the home. Memories will be created in this space, and it helps set the mood for the day. Depending on your preferred theme, there are a variety of decor items you can use. From functional pieces such as a clock to decorative ones such as a plant, the options are unlimited. A small hanging plant in the corner above your nook brings a fresh aura to space. Do not shy away from color, as this helps add warmth. Colorful throw pillows make the nook comfortable, and the extra pop of color is a fun way to break the monotony of space. You can also use a bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers to decorate your nook for a more modern feel.

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